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Cloud native motion detection microservice

This software implements the motion detection portion of well known motion-project as a microservice. For the tiling counterpart see camera-tiler repository.

In a nutshell:

  • It brings the MJPEG stream into the cluster
  • Performs highly optimal JPEG DCT coefficient based motion detection without actually decoding the JPEG frame to a bitmap
  • Writes events to MongoDB
  • Generates thumbnails based on JPEG DCT coefficents
  • Uploads screenshots and corresponding thumbnails to S3
  • Exposes endpoint for distributing MJPEG stream inside the cluster, eg for the camera-tiler
  • Exposes endpoint for inspecting DCT blocks where motion has been detected


Bundled docker-compose.yml brings up:

To manually trigger event:

docker kill -sUSR1 camera-motion-detect_camdetect_1