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This component serves allowed list of keyfob UID hashes from MongoDB and pushes open door commands to door controllers.

Testing endpoints

For manually testing something like this might help:

curl -f -H "KEY: 0123456789"

Test scenarios

When updating doorboy proxy, members site or kdoorpi verify follwing:

  • Swiping unknown card shows up as unknown, it can be claimed on members site and it immediately can be used after claiming
  • Card enable/disable on members site works and has effect
  • Opening door via buttons at works and has effect
  • Opening door via /open-ground-door, /open-front-door and /open-back-door commands in Slack channel #members works
  • TODO: Keep door open via members site works and has effect

When testing changes prefer using the back door and use a brick or something to keep it open to prevent interfering with other members entering and exiting.


The easiest is to obtain VM from Proxmox cluster with public IP address. To run development instance:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up --build

On kdoorpi override KDOORPI_API_ALLOWED, KDOORPI_API_LONGPOLL environment variables to redirect requests to your dev instance.