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# Testing endpoints
For manually testing something like this might help:
source .env
curl -f -H "KEY: $DOORBOY_SECRET" | md5sum
# Test scenarios
When updating doorboy proxy, members site or kdoorpi.
Verify follwing:
* Swiping unknown card shows up as unknown, it can be claimed on members site and it immediately can be used after claiming
* Card enable/disable on members site works and has effect
* Opening door via buttons at works and has effect
* Opening door via `/open-ground-door`, `/open-front-door` and `/open-back-door` commands in Slack channel #members works
* TODO: Keep door open via members site works and has effect
When testing changes prefer using the *back* door and
use a brick or something to keep it open to prevent
interfering with other members entering and exiting.
# Deploying