Microservice for storing assigned IP addresses in MongoDB
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#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
import socket
from datetime import datetime
from motor.motor_asyncio import AsyncIOMotorClient
from prometheus_client import Counter
from pymongo import ReturnDocument
from sanic import Sanic, response
from sanic.exceptions import InvalidUsage, NotFound
from sanic_prometheus import monitor
from sanic_wtf import SanicForm
from wtforms import IntegerField, StringField
from wtforms.validators import DataRequired, IPAddress, NumberRange
submit_count = Counter(
"Client IP address updates.",
flush_count = Counter(
"Client IP address flushes.",
migration_count = Counter(
"Client migrations to this replica.",
not_found_count = Counter(
"Invalid connection attempts.",
class LeaseUpdateForm(SanicForm):
service = StringField("Service name")
internal_addr = StringField("Internal IP address", validators=[DataRequired(), IPAddress(ipv4=True, ipv6=True)])
remote_addr = StringField("Remote IP address", validators=[DataRequired(), IPAddress(ipv4=True, ipv6=True)])
remote_port = IntegerField(validators=[NumberRange(min=0, max=65534)])
app = Sanic("lease")
app.config["WTF_CSRF_ENABLED"] = False
MONGO_URI = os.getenv("MONGO_URI", "mongodb://")
FQDN = socket.getfqdn()
async def setup_db(app, loop):
app.ctx.db = AsyncIOMotorClient(MONGO_URI).get_default_database()
async def submit(request, q):
q["status"] = "signed"
# TODO: add expiration check
form = LeaseUpdateForm(request)
if not form.validate():
raise InvalidUsage("Invalid form input")
instance = "%s-%s" % (FQDN, form.service.data)
doc = await app.ctx.db.certidude_certificates.find_one_and_update(q, {
"$set": {
"last_seen": datetime.utcnow(),
"instance": instance,
"remote.port": form.remote_port.data,
"remote.addr": form.remote_addr.data,
"$addToSet": {
"ip": form.internal_addr.data
}, return_document=ReturnDocument.BEFORE)
if doc:
if doc.get("instance") != instance:
return response.text('Client lease info updated')
raise NotFound("Client not found")
@app.route("/api/by-serial/<serial_number:int>", methods=["GET"])
async def get_by_serial(request, serial_number):
obj = await app.ctx.db.certidude_certificates.find_one({
"serial_number": "%x" % serial_number,
"status": "signed"})
# TODO: Add expiration check
if obj:
return response.text("Certificate valid")
raise NotFound("Certificate not found or not valid")
@app.route("/api/by-dn/<distinguished_name:string>", methods=["POST"])
async def submit_by_dn(request, distinguished_name):
return await submit(request, {"distinguished_name": distinguished_name.replace("%20", " ")})
@app.route("/api/by-serial/<serial_number:int>", methods=["POST"])
async def submit_by_serial(request, serial_number):
return await submit(request, {"serial_number": "%x" % serial_number})
@app.route("/api/by-service/<service:string>", methods=["DELETE"])
async def flush(request, service):
Flush IP addresses assigned by this instance as it was restarted
await app.ctx.db.certidude_certificates.update_many({
"instance": "%s-%s" % (FQDN, service),
}, {
"$unset": {
"ip": "",
"instance": "",
return response.text('Leases flushed')