Includes Mongo plugin for fluentd
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Fluentd with MongoDB plugin

This Docker image bundles MongoDB plugin with Fluentd. It allows you to ship various logs to your MongoDB.

Running in production

To collect container logs on a Docker host populate .env with MONGO_URI and deploy docker-compose.yml on all Docker hosts.

In Docker host adjust /etc/docker/daemon.json

  "log-driver": "fluentd",
  "log-opts": {
    "fluentd-address": "",
    "fluentd-sub-second-precision": true

Proceed to reload Docker daemon.

Enable syslog forwarding:

echo '*.* @' | tee /etc/rsyslog.d/fwd.conf
systemctl restart rsyslog

Dumping logs

To dump logs on console:

pip3 install motor termcolor
source .env
export MONGO_URI

Why not Loki?

Loki is ridiculously complex to set up for HA setup.