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Music streaming server for my quirky needs:

  • No damn apps
  • No damn force fed indexing
  • No damn overengineering
  • Yes works pretty much like grep for searching tracks
  • Yes damn scalable, tested to work with 56k+ tracks
  • Yes just damn web application, use your browser
  • Optional metadata caching system
  • Optional transcode support


On FreeBSD:

pkg install py36-mutagen py36-Flask py36-click-7.0 ffmpeg nginx madplay gmake vorbis-tools
cd /usr/ports/audio/lame/ && make install


To run self-contained web server:

python3 main.py serve --root /path/to/library

To cache metainformation in index.xspf playlist files:

python3 main.py metagen --root /path/to/library

Known bugs

FLAC playback stops abruptly in Firefox. Seems to be a common problem on the web. Use Chrome or Chromium, you need the performance of Webkit to handle lots of search results anyway.