Prometheus metric exporter for Wildduck

Updated 53 seconds ago

Doorboy proxy exports door access information from MongoDB to door Raspberry Pi controllers

Updated 14 hours ago

Docker-only option for running Prometheus Node Exporter with textfile collectors

Updated 14 hours ago

Updated 15 hours ago

Includes Mongo plugin for fluentd

Updated 21 hours ago

Cloud native camera tiler and motion detect software

Updated 2 days ago

Certidude is the VPN connectivity client for Pinecrypt Gateway

Updated 2 days ago

Pinecrypt Gateway backends

Updated 2 days ago

Dockerized QEMU for testing stuff on Windows

Updated 2 days ago

Pinecrypt Gateway frontend

Updated 4 days ago

Metric exporter for Pinecrypt Gateway

Updated 4 days ago

StrongSwan wrapper for Pinecrypt Gateway

Updated 4 days ago

OCSP responder service

Updated 4 days ago

OpenVPN wrapper for Pinecrypt Gateway

Updated 5 days ago

Microservice for storing assigned IP addresses in MongoDB

Updated 7 days ago

Mongo backed DNS server

Updated 1 week ago

Mongo backed URL redirector

Updated 3 weeks ago

HPE Blade enclosure scraper. Goes through all blades individually, querying data. Provides Prometheus data on http request. I acknowledge I learned and changed during, and regret how it looks. Still better than hpe tho. is main.

Updated 2 months ago

Updated 4 months ago

Abstracts and simplifies communication with HP Enterprise BladeSystem enclosures and blades.

Updated 6 months ago